Naxos is filled with a variety of activities to enjoy, from hiking and biking in nature, to engaging in adrenaline-pumping watersports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing!

A Ramblers Paradise

With Sun and Moon Villas as your home base, in Pyrgaki, about 30 minutes from the centre of Naxos, guests can explore the southwest coast of the island and its breathtaking beaches. Ramblers and hikers are sure to enjoy the chance for long walks in the countryside or along the long stretch of sandy beach. Up for some exploration? Inquire about the natural paths that lead to some of the area’s amazing beaches.


And don’t forget, before setting off on any excursion, seek the advice of the staff of Sun and Moon Villas who know the area and can properly guide you.

Bike Breathtaking Coastal Trails

Biking enthusiasts, two fairly easy paths for touring and mountain bikes are:

Pyrgaki to Alykos Beach

  • From Pyrgaki follow the dirt road to Alykos beach
  • Turn left on the asphalt road (careful, there might be some traffic) until you come to the remnants of an old hotel located on the edge of Kouroupia cape
  • To return, take the same asphalt path north

Pyrgaki to Agiassos

  • From Pyrgaki head east along the coast towards Agiassos
  • Enjoy the view to the beach and view of the islands of the Small Cyclades in the distance
  • To return, follow the same road back to Pyrgaki


Pyrgaki Beach is a great place to engage in watersports thanks to the strong summer wind known as meltemi. Throughout the day, the average wind speed can range from 5-7 beaufort, making the conditions at Pyrgaki beach ideal for all levels (beginner to advanced) in the slalom/speed, wave, freestyle and free-ride categories.


Those who ride the wave, may be familiar with Mikri Vigla, the internationally-recognized meeting spot for kitesurf enthusiasts, but Pyrgaki in Naxos, has its own fan base and kitesurfing school.